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Raw Vegan Baby Diet

In the past 38 years, over 1,000 babies have been delivered by natural birthing methods at the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem’s House of Life birthing center in Dimona, Israel. The diet has been developed to a standard that has sustained infants into adulthood with a superior level of health. The diet is vegan, meaning the absence of all meat (inclusive of no fish and no chicken), dairy, and artificial additives. In addition, we observe three no-salt days and one raw food day. Four times a year we observe a “sugarless week,” where we consume no processed sugars.

For specific amounts of whole food supplements, suggested daily diet plans, and a few very simple recipes, read The Sacred Diet by Rofah Karaliah E. Nasik Gavriel (Communicators Press)

  • Birth to five months:  breast feeding only
  • Five to six months:  Nursing and water each at least 3 to 4 times daily. The daily consumption whole food supplements inclusive of fenugreek, kelp, and blackstrap molasses to provide iron, protein, B-complex vitamins, trace minerals, calcium, essential amino acids and more. Citrus juices, carrot juice, soy milk*, raw oatmeal, ground nuts and seeds, mashed or blended fruits, and tahini (sesame seed paste). Exposure to sunshine.
  • Seven months to one year: All of the above plus the addition of fresh parsley, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, and sesame seeds each day. These foods add essential vitamins and minerals that may be difficult to extract from their food and are necessary components for the baby’s proper growth and development. In addition, add cooked*, blended vegetables, whole grain rice*, and sprouts to build cells.
  • One to three years: All of the above except nursing is optional. If no longer nursing, replace with at least 3 eight-ounce glasses of soy milk* each day. Pureed soybeans* or chickpeas* can be added to the baby’s diet for their high-protein content.
  • Three years and older: The daily consumption of whole food supplements, plenty of water, and fresh, whole, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds. Lots of exercise.

Suggested Raw Baby Diet

Many have found success with raising healthy babies on the 100% raw and living foods diet. Although this diet is not currently the diet of the African Hebrew Israelite Community, efforts are being made to move in this direction. Based on research, interviews and observations of raw families raising raw babies and children, the author of The Joy of Living Live, suggests incorporating the following dietary options within the Vegan Baby Diet to effectively raise raw babies into healthy raw adults:

  • If removing cooked blended vegetables and whole grain rice, replace with raw (organic if possible) blended vegetables, sea vegetables, and sprouted grains. Increase the amount and variety of other sprouts.
  • If removing chickpeas and soybeans from the baby’s diet, it is essential to replace the protein for the proper development and functions of the baby’s growing body. On a daily basis, consume a variety of sea vegetables (kelp, dulse, sea moss, wakame, kombu, arame, hijiki, etc.) because each one has different health properties. In addition, one teaspoon of spirulina provides protein and vitamin B-12 (Side note: vitamin B-12 is naturally produced in the colon). Also at least twice a week incorporate nuts (almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, walnuts) into the diet- nut loaves, salad dressings, nut milks, nut pates, nut chilis, etc. (for recipes see The Joy of Living Live: A Raw Food Journey); making sure that nuts are soaked and/or ground fine.
  • If removing soy milk from the diet, replace with almond milk and fresh green vegetable juices (kale, spinach, wheatgrass, etc.) diluting juices to half water, half juice.

If you are ever unsure about whether your children are getting enough of a particular vitamin or mineral, first, do your own research, incorporated it into the diet consistently for at least two weeks, then have their levels tested.


To see how one family raises their 4 children on the 100% raw and living foods diet, visit www.thegardendiet.com.